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Television Advertising That Delivers.

Television advertising holds the outdated reputation of being a vanity project for big businesses with multimillion-pound annual budgets – we’re here to knock this misled belief on its head. The past decade has seen the TV advertising market undergo an evolution, with falling rates and technological advances transforming the platform into one that’s now more responsive, and less expensive. We specialise in making the budgets of SMEs go further, implementing a flexible, accountable and analytical approach to reaching your specified target audience. Of course, the best way to prove TV's effectiveness as a driver of sales for small businesses is to demonstrate its power through our service, so why not put us to the test? If you feel ready, then isn't it time you advertised your business on TV?

How We Make TV Advertising Work For You

1. TV Planning Form.

By completing and submitting the TV planning form to your right, you’re effectively taking the first steps towards launching your business on TV.

2. Let's Talk More About You.

Upon receipt of your TV planning form, a member of the Guerillascope planning and buying team will contact you within 24 hours for a chat. We’ll discuss your budget, target audience, marketing objectives and strategic preferences, getting to know your business inside out in order to formulate a brief based on your exact specifications.

3. Analysis Of TV Advertising Market.

Our TV analysts will then conduct preliminary market research, evaluating competitor and sector activity, TV spot times and official BARB viewing data to establish targeted television advertising opportunities that connect you to right audience.

4. Planning Your TV Campaign.

We’ll identify and coordinate optimised TV spots centred on the TV channels, day-parts, days of the week and programming best suited for maximising audience engagement. All this, whilst negotiating the best television advertising rates for your business. We do this by operating late in the market, accessing deals that other agencies cannot match as a result of share deals and outdated package buying strategies.

5. Booking Your TV Spots.

With a flexible TV advertising plan in place, our team will then book your TV spots, guaranteeing even distribution whilst eliminating the possibility of duplicate programming. We will then send you a full spot list, so you can tabs on when and where your campaign is airing.

6. Monitoring Your TV Campaign.

At this point, give yourself an almighty pat on the back – your business is now on TV! Guerillascope will ensure that the effectiveness of your TV advertising activity is maximised by continuously monitoring your campaign, referring to value position checks, schedules and official TV ratings to identify areas of possible improvement.

7. Processing Results.

Once your TV advertising campaign has concluded, Guerillascope will process results data to provide you with a comprehensive performance overview, utilising sophisticated software to develop graphs detailing a break down of campaign effectiveness by various criteria, including engagement by age, socio-demographic status, channel and day of the week.

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